GentrifyTHIS’ is a raw statement against the current process of urban housing and ‘development’ of poor neighbourhoods in order to increase property prices and evict poor people. Ultimately, gentrification is propelled by speculation and the moral principle that ‘money entails the right to the city’ which means that only the wealthy or the privileged can inhabit it.

THIS IS NOT PROPAGANDA, but is about confronting the dangers of today’s politics and policies that undermine our society. Through a series of art prints, artist PEIM van der SLOOT and human rights defender FERNANDO HERNANDEZ, tackle the normalisation of misleading information and bigotry which deliberately harm and divide our communities.

The THIS IS NOT PROPAGANDA project departs from the believe that art is still a most sophisticated mean to pacifically confront those actors and processes that spread hate and violence; those who further create inequalities and social injustices, those who benefit from us, the people, being divided.

all posters are handmade and screen-printed by the artists.