This Is Not Propaganda


Extreme right politicians have recently made used of unfounded claims and bigotry to gain votes. Whether it is Donald Trump’s racial and xenophobic rhetoric against Muslims and Mexicans or his attacks on women; Nigel Farage’s false claims about immigrants and European rules; Geert Wilders’ abhorrence of Moroccans; or Marine Le Pen’s disgust of African immigrants, the purpose of political lying is to create a false view of the world. This is becoming normal and effective in today’s politics. Even though such attacks are direct to specific groups, they undermine our whole society.

This Is Not Propaganda, but it is a reaction against the normalisation of such politics and highlights the risks and dangers to our society.

This Is Not Propaganda, but it is a combination of art and politics for art is effective to reflect and confront complex political issues.

This Is Not Propaganda, but it is a call to artists, activists, and intellectuals to break the silence and escape the shock that we have fallen into.

This Is Not Propaganda, but we urge everybody to rebel against those that endanger and loathe our democracy.

For the dangers are great,
For the dangers we have already lived,

Act, Create, Speak, Rebel!

Deimion van der Sloot & Fernando Hernandez