Artworks created for the ‘What If’ EP by Pentatones.

Pentatones are pop music in a truly new disguise. Over an electronically tinkered mosaic hovers the voice of Delhia de France, radiant yet mysterious. Her vocals (known from productions with Douglas Greed or Robag Whrume) are enveloped by pulsating beats, bouncing back and forth between here and an imagined acoustic horizon. In collaboration with visual artists pentatones released impressive and award-winning videos and create impressive audiovisual live performances playing at various media art-festivals, such as Ars Electronica as well as huge music festivals like SonneMondSterne.

Pentatones are:
Delhia de France – Vocals/Lyrics
Le Schnigg – Beats/Sampling
Hannes Waldsch├╝tz – Bass/Synthesizer
Albrecht Ziepert – Keys/Synthesizer