I worked as a designer creating the SELF Soap that was  manufactured with human fat at SCHULDFABRIK, a project bij Julian Hetzel.
Wash the pain away!
»Schuld« is a German term that implements two different yet related meanings: »guilt« as a moral duty and »debt« as an economical obligation. Schuldfabrik explores the conflict between these notions and the potential valorization of guilt.At the moment of birth, one is endowed with »luggage«; a patrimony of past, historic or religious events that influence the entire life. Hetzel starts from his very own guilt »package« and expands it to his fellow citizens. In Schuldfabrik he explores various forms of cleansing to wash away the stains of guilt by proposing contemporary forms of indulgence trade. »Schuld« is a resource that can be capitalized.Schuldfabrik is a performative installation where «guilt» and «debt» are the raw materials that get manufactured, treated and objectified. Schuldfabrik exists as a multi-room parkour; a concept store, a soa

“Although you wash yourself with soap and use an abundance of cleansing powder, the stain of your guilt is still before me”.