Peim van der Sloot


Deimion ‘Peim’ van der Sloot

De Roos van Dekamaweg 11
1061 HR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Deimion ‘Peim’ van der Sloot was born in the Netherlands, but grew up on a bio-dynamic farm in Capilla del Monte, Argentina. He returned to study at the Academy of the Arts in Utrecht, where he graduated in 2010.

During his studies he developed an keen interest in the lively niches in between visual arts, design, performance and film.

After running a graphic design studio for 5 years, working with companies like Sagmesiter&Walsh and Kunsthal Rotterdam, he is now only focusing on his autonomous projects. With unusual materials, vibrating colors, patterns and compositions he’s been producing work at an impressive rate. Through a wide range of graphic techniques including collages, silkscreen and print he is ‘tricking’ the visual perception of the viewer, focussing on the relationship between colors and how they effect the retina and the mind.

His works are generally based on grids and distortions making use of repetition as a compositional method. With a minimalistic punk approach he often reacts to a capitalized world in an abstract, poetic or critical way. The performative aspects of making the works are not ignored but rather encouraged.

In his studio in the Kolenkit district in Amsterdam, he manages to cultivate the ‘laboratory feeling’ he loved so much in art school. By experimenting and collaborating with friends, family and other artists, his atelier has become a meeting place for anyone curious, where the creation processes are as interesting as the results.

His collaborative and autonomous projects has been exhibited in different galleries around the world, including Kunsthal (NL), Kapitaal (NL), Tanec Praha (CZ), Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (NL), Musiques Démesurées Festival (FR), Ship of Fools (NL), Alfred ve dvore (CZ), Arti et Amicitiae (NL) and MIADA (CN).

His work as been published in different mediums including Chongqing Daily, People of Print, NRC Next, Fontanel Magazine, Items Magazine, Stichting Print, Algemeen Dagblad and Heads Magazine.

Peim also works as a teacher in visual arts, graphic design and film. He taught at the Modern International Arts and Design Academy in China, and organized together with Wijkwinkel Collective the monthly cinema event Cinemaandag at Kapitaal in Utrecht.

Peim is member of the THIS IS NOT PROPAGANDA Collective that is about confronting the dangers of today’s politics and policies that undermine our democracy.

Through a series of art prints they tackle the normalisation of misleading information and bigotry which deliberately harm and divide our society.

The THIS IS NOT PROPAGANDA project departs from the believe that art is still a most sophisticated mean to pacifically confront those actors and processes that spread hate and violence; those who further create inequalities and social injustices, those who benefit from us, the people, being divided.




Bouw Open 2017 (group) Broedplaats BOOUW, Amsterdam
POCOLOCO (Duo) Sexyland, Amsterdam
After Hiroshima (group) B#S Gallery, Trevisio
BOXSHOP (group) 4bid Gallery, Amsterdam


Official opening exhibition (group) Broedplaats BOUW, Amsterdam
‘15 second of fame’ at Opensunday (group) Truhlarna, Prague
Dos Saguaros (solo) Broedplaats BOUW, Amsterdam
Creative Climate Awards, (group) Human Impacts Institute, New York
Selected works (group) L’Ateliers, Amsterdam


‘New Ink’ (group) Kapitaal, Utrecht
‘Keith haring art challenge’ (group) Kunsthal at Lowlands, Rotterdam
‘Brody ArtYard’ (group) Art Market, Budapest
‘Selected works’ (solo) GYS, Utrecht
‘Anonymous museum’ (group) Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
‘Fremdkörper’ (group) DEPO WG, Amsterdam
‘Selfportraits’ (solo) Studio/K, Amsterdam
‘Negative self-images’ (group) Kapitaal, Utrecht


‘Negative self-images’ (group) Kulter, Amsterdam
‘Negative self-images’ (solo) Louis Hartloper Complex, Utrecht
‘Halftone-shifting’ (solo) Alfred ve dvore, Prague
‘Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier 55 jaar’ (group) AGA, Amsterdam


‘Performative printing exercises’ (group) Truhlarna, Prague


‘Notations 21 european tour’ (group) Musiques Démesurées Festival, Clermont


‘Mysterious production of eggs’ (solo) Vrouw met Baard, Utrecht & MIADA, Chongqing
‘Meanwhile in china’ (group) Modern International Arts and Design Academy, Chongqing
‘Black and White are not colors’ (group) Ship of Fools, Den Haag


‘Fanclub’ (group) Academiegalerie, Utrecht



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