This project was created under Studio Zijspan with Hidde Meulenbeek.

Arthuur is a dance-music-visual meet­ing in impro­visa­tion. The instant hap­pen­ing on stage mater­i­al­izes on three levels: by sound (music), move­ment (dance) and drawn line (graphic regis­tra­tion). The mech­an­ism of the search is trans­par­ent: the graphic design­ers attach a small ana­log machine on the back of the dan­cers. This machine will mech­an­ic­ally draw a small infographic on a sheet of paper. This draw­ing is influ­enced by the move­ments the dan­cers make. The musi­cians start impro­vising. Their music and the envir­on­ment will trig­ger the dan­cers to move. An abstract chain reac­tion has been set off.

Together they focus on the research of how to cap­ture ‘a moment’ hap­pen­ing on stage while shared with an audi­ence. This search is framed into short time chapters given by the graphic design­ers accord­ing to when they change the sheet of paper in the Arthuur-machine.
Each movement-music chapter has its own regis­tra­tion, which is dis­played for the audi­ence and at the end cre­ates a small exhib­i­tion.
Arthuur is a site-specific pro­ject; it likes to react on dif­fer­ent envir­on­ments and archi­tec­tural and spa­tial definition.

Dance: Manuela Tessi Katerina Dietzova
Music: Petr VrbaGeroge CremaschiJelte van Andel and many more