Desde abajo y por la izquierda

50 x 70 cm
Stickers on Hahnemuhle paper

‘From the left and below’ is a quote by Marycui, a widely respected Nahua indigenous person, a traditional medic healer and Human Rights activist, and since 1994 a participant within the Zapatista indigenous movement, as well as a founding member of the National Indigenous Congress in Mexico.
Altering a strategy which has rejected the Mexican state and its electoral politics, the Zapatistas announced in December 2016 their plans to elect a female spokesperson to represent the Indigenous community as a presidential candidate for the country of Mexico. On May 28, 2017, Marichuy was elected by the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) as their spokesperson and representative for the presidency.

Peim van der Sloot was present that day and created a series of works based on the vision of the Zapatistas.
It’s a proposal inclusive, not only of the indigenous and with the indigenous, which makes the vindications of all the exploited, oppressed and discriminated of the earth its own, regardless of their ethnic or national origins and cultural characteristics.

During his studies Peim already developed a keen interest in the niches in between visual arts, politics, design, performance and film.

His works are generally based on grids and distortions making use of repetition as a compositional method. With a minimalistic punk approach he often reacts to a capitalized world in an abstract, poetic or critical way.