Performative Biograf

Multimedia pro­ject cre­ated at a res­id­ency in Pilsen, cul­tural cap­ital of Europe 2015 in col­lab­or­a­tion with Tanec Praha.

The action of build­ing a wall as a meta­phor for lay­er­ing time and memor­ies. This per­form­ance was divided in two actions.

Part 1:

The pro­cess of build­ing the wall, that the audi­ence can wit­ness from any angle. The per­formers mingle in between the audi­ence and per­form as the wall is being build. All is recor­ded from a hid­den camera.

Part 2:

In the night the record­ing of part 1 is pro­jec­ted on the fin­ished wall. Simultaneously, the wall is build down uncov­er­ing the dan­cers behind. The res­ult­ing image then con­jures the illu­sion and the real­ity of mater­i­al­ity and time, and the expect­a­tions of the audience.

A pro­ject in which sep­ar­ate ele­ments like dance, music, light, archi­tec­ture and the wall come together in a mov­ing install­a­tion that tells the his­tory of its own creation.

Created together with: Hidde Meulenbeek, Jan Barta, Janka Novorytová, Petr Vrba, George Cremaschi, Bernard Gauget, Radim Klásek, Lenka Jíšová, Eva Susová, Georgy Bagdasarov, Tereza Vohryzková and Katerina Dietzová.